Michael is a well-regarded author of magazine articles, newspaper op-eds, web journals, blogs, book chapters, and other book-length projects.  He has written feature pieces and/or columns for leading professional publications in the US and Europe: 


   - Urban Land  (magazine of the Urban Land Institute, an international organization of leading developers)

   - The Atlantic Cities (blog of The Atlantic magazine)

   - Metropolis magazine (US magazine for architects and architecture conoisseurs)

   - Building (UK magazine for architects)

   - Regeneration and Renewal (UK magazine for developers)

   - Daylight and Architecture (German architectural magazine)

   - Traditional Building (US trade magazine for architects, builders and suppliers)

   - Portland Spaces (regional architecture and home decor magazine)

   - Planetizen (noted planning blog)


And others. (Full list on CV.)

(See sample writing projects.)


Michael also does ghostwriting and speechwriting services for clients including business executives, NGO executives, and a very prominent international statesman. (More information is available on request.)

Michael is able to support his writing projects through interviews, speaking engagements and other promotional events.  He has a well-established platform as an author, speaker, educator and consultant, and his Google search hit score at last writing was 30,400.


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